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        Methodology of exploration operations is determined by features of geological structure and conditions of mineral deposits (areas) occurrence, taking into account recommendations contained in the Instruction on Application of the Classification of Mineral Reserves and Resources of the State Fund of Mineral Resources to Relevant Kind of Minerals and requirements to comprehensive study of deposits and calculation of accompanying minerals/components reserves, as well as of mining wastes.
       In doing so, relative densening of exploratory workings pattern shall be fulfilled at large deposits within typical areas of detailed exploration and/or priority development plots, which reserves will secure mine operation during the period of recovery of capitals invested in the deposit commercial development.
       Within the priority development areas, the following shall be done: tracing, sampling and contouring of mineral bodies based on holes (workings) grid of optimal density for identification of the explored reserves; pilot plant metallurgical testwork and development of commercial flowsheet for minerals processing; pilot-commercial development of some mineral bodies (if required); detailed investigation into geological conditions of mineral bodies occurrence, as well as mining-engineering and environmental conditions of minerals mining and processing, terms of manufactured products marketing.
       Within areas destined for future development of a mining operation, productive mineral zones and bodies shall be traced with a rare grid of exploratory holes to prove similarity of their geological structure and mode of occurrence to the priority development area.
       In case of additional exploration at mineral deposits (areas) being mined, exploration system shall be corrected based on comparison of exploration and mining data and recommendations of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves (Territorial Commissions on Mineral Reserves), provided during expert examination and estimation of mineral reserves.
       Exploration system and density of its grid at deposits explored earlier but not subjected to commercial development, shall be determined by objectives of additional exploration and take into account data on sampling of the already made workings and drillholes, as well as other geological materials and documentation.
       Geological exploration planned beyond contours of mineral reserves approved by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves, shall be carried out following the general staging of the operations.
       Based on the fulfilled exploration, detailed geological-economic evaluation (GEE-1) of a mineral deposit (area) commercial value shall be carried out and include: description of mineral bodies geological structure, processing characteristics of minerals, data on geological, mining and other conditions at the deposit sufficient for developing of reasonable design solutions for mining method and system, as well as flowsheet for comprehensive processing of minerals; feasibility study of permanent conditions and calculation of mineral reserves; predictive economic evaluation of cumulative effect of mineral deposit (area) mining with estimated figures of a mining and concentrating plant operation in the amount sufficient for making decision regarding investments in its construction.
       Materials of geological-economic evaluation of mineral deposit reserves shall be submitted to the State Commission on Mineral Reserves for expert examination and approval. Boundaries of the explored deposit shall be indicated within the national coordinate system in force. After reserves approval, a deposit (area) will be passed to a user of subsurface resources for minerals mining and sale of manufactured marketable products in accordance with a special permit (license) and mining allotment for use of subsurface resources.
       Additional exploration carried out in accordance with recommendations of the State Commission on Mineral Reserves under separate geological assignment is a part of the mineral deposits exploration stage.

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