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The Group of companies incorporates enterprises carrying out geological exploration for solid minerals and underground water (Licenses no. 231997, 01 no. 100228, no. 378973, no. 047484 issued by the State Geological Survey of Ukraine) and geological-engineering surveys (License no. 117365 granted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine) in the country and abroad.

Ukrgeoproject Mining Company is the first independent private production and consulting company in Ukraine, which renders services in the field of study and utilization of natural resources: assessment of and exploration for deposits of solid minerals and fresh and mineral underground waters, minerals mining, water supply and engineering geology. Our clients are mining companies, banks, investment companies and funds, geological exploration companies, governmental bodies and private individuals in Ukraine and abroad.

Ukrgeoproject MC provides the following services:

  • Carries out exploration, supplementary exploration, reestimation of deposit reserves their approval in the State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Ukraine, geological-engineering surveys for construction, full set of works on supply full set of works on supply of private houses, production enterprises and populated areas with high-quality fresh water

  • Evaluates feasibility of making investments into such kind of projects, amount of financing, including loan, equity and shared funding, assesses risks and opportunities during projects implementation.

  • Fulfills analysis or assessment of mining projects, deposits,their investment attractiveness during purchase/sale of businesses by clients, conclusion of agreements connected with takeover or purchase of companies and their valuation for price quotation development.

Our tasks:

  • Minimization of any risks (financial, legal, geological/engineering, organizational, etc.) connected with implementation of investors projects, from the stage of obtaining or purchase of licenses or other rights in a deposit, site of subsurface resources or land plot to the stage of deposit development or wells construction and operation.

  • Contribution to success of our clients in every mining or engineering project. Each project is inimitable and unique by its nature and requires respective individual approach. We mastermind well-thought and comprehensive recommendations and conclusions based on high quality of fulfilled works. It is an obligatory constituent of our services, which provides confidence to our Customers, that works carried out for them are credible.

  • To keep responsible for our actions, thereby retaining full confidence of our clients.

Our Company edges:

  • Independence Ukrgeoproject MC belongs only to its personnel, bears no relationship to producers and/or suppliers of equipment and materials, state-owned engineering and production companies willing to sell their products, which guarantees objectivity and maximum reliability of our conclusions.

  • Expertise and knowledge our Company employs leading specialists, having experience and skills in exploration and evaluation of deposits, mineral resources and reserves, implementation of mining, exploration, geotechnical and water supply projects at all stages of development, as well as possessing excellent knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements and national cultural traditions.

  • High level of confidentiality information passed to us by our clients and obtained at their account is kept strictly confidential.

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